Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's that time of year again...

Hoping your holidays went well this week, with lots of family time, good eating and great memories with loved ones. Now it's onto the Christmas holidays which shall be here too soon. Shopping started this past Friday and Saturday with "Black Friday" and "Small Business Saturday". We thank you for supporting us and allowing us to visit with your family members, quite a pleasure visiting with several generations! Our two Blocks of the month are going strong with the embroidery patterns, and many folks completing their blocks quickly. We are also doing another challenge within the shop, a pattern by Stitchin' by the River, Lolita Newman's Massachusetts 54th pattern. What a strong and beautiful design. We have several customers and instructors designing the pattern in different styles, cannot wait to see all their artistic ideas. What excitement this pattern has shown in our studio from visitors and customers alike! Oh Ms. Newman, you would be impressed! With the holiday coming soon, we have suspended classes until Januany of 2013, to allow our instructors time-off and a well deserved vacation. Thank you for understanding this during the holidays. We also need to advise all our customers early, we shall be closing December 24th and 25th. This Saturday was the grand opening of two new businesses in our center, the first, a new deli called The Corner Bistro, and the second, Ellie's Creative Corner. Good luck to them both and lots of success! Well Folks, let us know what our studio should provide for the next year, perhaps we shall make some new changes? Our hand-dyed yarns have done very well and hoping to see all the yarns in our shop impress you too! Until next time, may all the woolers and quilters, knitters and crocheters, finish all those pressing projects before year's end!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Long, long, time ago... It has been so very long since I've had a chance to write and let everyone know how the shop has been lately. If you've recently visted the shop, then you know about all the changes, losses, and upcoming events in our town. We recently had our quilt show in Old Town Temecula, sponsored by the Temecula Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild in early October. What a successful and beautiful show it was for them, it was a show well done! They shared some of the best artistic and stunning works of art by their members. The best part, it was held on the Columbus Day Holiday, and our little town was busy with a Greek Festival, grape stomping at the wineries and the show. By the end of that holiday, folks must have been pretty exhausted! Now as we head towards the big holidays, many of you know they'll be here too soon, like next week, right??? By the end of this month, we shall have our Christmas parade in Old Town. Talk about rushing the holidays, the City set up their Christmas decorations in Old Town today...I'll wait until Thanksgiving! No need to rush out the month of November yet, haven't had my turkey and gravy yet! One of the changes in town was the closing of our quilt shop, Quilter's Coop. Many of you are stopping by and asking what happened to them, or did they move. They officially closed on Friday, November 2nd. But we still have Temecula Quilt Company and Pieced With Love, so folks continue supporting your local businesses so we may all continue to thrive. Another change in our shop is the addition of a new face, my husband, who retired after 30 years with a utility company. Congratulations to him! His co-workers named him "The Wool Daddy". Awesome. If he's around and you have any questions, perhaps Wool Daddy will provide you some assistance... Dinner time, gotta run, I will promise to write more often too!